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Introducing "The On Market Secrets Mastery," a transformative 6-week mentorship program aimed at those who want to revolutionize their wholesale real estate business. This course goes against traditional methods, focusing on smarter work strategies using real estate agents and selling on-market properties. It's designed for entrepreneurs ready to elevate their business nationally while creating simple, repeatable strategies and systems for massive growth.

Through this course, you'll learn to work less, earn more, and build a self-sufficient, thriving wholesale business. You'll be equipped with systems, processes, and methods that can be repeated for continual nationwide expansion. You'll also gain the tools to structure your business effectively and the guidance to launch your own business.

Meet your coach, the ultimate boss babe, Eva, also known as the Baddiepreneur.

She's not your average girl boss – she's the wholesaling queen who's been crushing it in the real estate game for the last three years. Eva is totally about working smarter, not harder, and she has built a nationwide wholesale empire, launching a new market every 90 days.

She ditched traditional methods and instead, leverages the power of real estate agents to wholesale properties. Her average profit? A whopping $14k per deal. Yeah, girl, she's making it rain!

Eva is the embodiment of hustle and heart, having flipped the script on the big gurus who doubted her vision. Now, she's living proof that you can achieve financial success without selling your soul to the hustle culture.

She’s a straight-up maverick, dedicated to her work, her team, her buyers, and her agents. She’s all about keeping it 100, doing what she says she will do, day in and day out.

Your girl Eva wants to empower other women in the business to smash that glass ceiling. So, get ready to meet your new best friend in the world of wholesaling. Eva’s got the keys to the kingdom, and she’s ready to share them with you. Let's get this bread!